Salon Hours:
Monday - Friday
8am to 6pm
By appointment only

Call or email
for an Appointment:


Our prices are based on hands on time at an hourly rate of $65 for
dogs and $70 for cats with a minimum charge of $35.

The price estimates quoted below are for well-behaved, thoroughly
brushed pets of certain sizes and coat types.

Dogs such as:

Yorkie, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Lhasa,
small Terriers, small poodles
Bichon, Cockers $82 and up
Standard poodles $120+
Mix breed like doodles $85-120
Labrador Retriever $50
Golden Retriever, Shepherds $65 and up
Chow-chow, Husky, Samoyed $75 and up
Small shorthaired dogs such as a Chihuahua, Pug $38
Dogs with a thick double coat such as a Pomeranian
(no haircut)
mixed breed dogs are priced according to size/hair type/style

Cat Grooming
$70 per hour
May take up to 2 hours with a minimum charge of $35

Walk-in Services Available
No Appointment Needed For the Following:

Nails Cut (dogs and cats) $15
Nails Dremeled $20
Anal Glands Expressed (externally) $20
Face, feet, tail and sanitary clip $20 and up
Express Appointment $20 extra
Creative Grooming ($1 per minute) $30 minimum charge

All charges include: personalized service for your pampered pets, play time and comfort breaks for each to keep them happy and relaxed, so they can remember lots of fun along with their grooming…

Our state-of-the-art grooming facility with a limited number of animals per day produces quality, not quantity.